Thursday, 25 June 2009

Erotica-HD Photo and High Def Video Updates

June 2009 A late start but!!! just got back from Prague so lots of content to upload 6 full lenth videos this month and 8 photo sets!

Eufrat "Panties Photo Shoot"

Walleria "Black Dress"

Satin Skin "G-Spot Toy" @

Emanuella "All Taped Up"

Eufrat "Lipstick and Gloss"

May 2009 5 new videos and six photo set updates
1st - 24th /April/2009 OK we have uploaded about 60 HD Videos you will find them attached to the models video page!
1st/April/2009 UKAFTA 2008
20th/March/2009 Candy Cat LipstickHD
16th/March/2009 Deny Moor Getting SlickyHD
12th/March/2009 Tereza Getting SlickyHD
11/march/2009 AVN Las Vegas Photos
9th/March /2009 Emanuella Pink Panties
7th/march/2009 Updated March Photos more to come
10th/March/2009 The video set page 6 will have previews and uploads by the 10th, Sorry been a bit bussy uploading the other stuff!!
5th/march//2009 All HD and Photos that have been uploaded are now also link on the video pages, Please note uolaods are an ongoing bases!
5th/March/2009 Up Loaded 56 Ipod/Iphone videos link are on the models video pages!
4th/March/2009 walleria HD WMV
1st/March/2009 Stracy's High Def Video added
28th/Feb/2009 Walleria Creaming 27th Feb
28th/Feb/2009 Some old footage from AVN 2006
27th/Feb/2009 Free Chat from patrners site
26th/Feb/2009 Candy Cat White Dress WMV HD
25nd/Feb/2009 Jana and Tereza Chocolate Dreams
22nd/Feb/2009 Feb, 9 Photo gallery finnished
22nd/Feb/2009 Relinked Deny Moor's Lipstick Mirror High Def
22nd/Feb/2009 Relinked Venderla Siver Legins High Def
21st/Feb/2009 Deny Moor Getting Slicky
20th/Feb/2009 Anita Quen Black Stockings Hi Def
20th/Feb/2009 Candy Cat Lipstick Mirror Anita
19th/Feb/2009 Carol Fishnets re linked!! this is a must see!
19th/Feb/2009 Jana Summer Dress Re linked
18th/Feb/2009 Jana - Creaming! WMV
18th/Feb/2009 Anita Queen in Black Stockings (FLASH and WMV)
17th/Feb/2009 Adriana Showering (FLASH and WMV) video uploaded
17th/Feb/2009 Tereza getting slicky (FLASH and WMV) video uploaded
15th/Feb/2009 Emanulella WMV video added
15th/Feb/2009 Emanulella flash video added
15th/Feb/2009 Internext Video added in the Studio Club
14th/Feb/2009 Adriana High Def Video Getting Slicky added
13th/Feb/2009 Tereza and Jana Twin Pinks High Def Video
12th/Feb/2009 Candy Cat Denim High Def Video Added
10th/Feb/2009 Walleria Smoking High Def Video added
9th/Feb/2009 Tereza's High Def Video Video added
8th/Feb/2009 Deny Moor's High Definition video added
7th/Feb/2009 Stracy's High Definistion Video added
6th/Feb/2009 Anita Queen Smoking Window High Def Video addedadded
5th/Feb/2009 Stracy's High Def Video added

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